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Overblik: Best of Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress er slut og messe-hallen ved at blive ryddet igen. Vi har samlet et overblik til dig her.

Mobile World Congress 2013 (Foto:
Mobile World Congress 2013 (Foto:

Selv om mere end 72.000 mennesker var samlet i Barcelona i den forgangne uge, så var der ikke nogen store præsentationer til dette års Mobile World Congress. HTC havde valgt, at præsentere deres nye topmodel HTC One i ugen op til.

 - Så er HTC One officiel

Samsung brugte Mobile World Congress til, at præsentere deres nye Galaxy Note 8.0 og invitere til en stor Samsung Unpacked-event den 14. marts i New York. Her forventes Samsung Galaxy S IV at blive præsenteret.

 - Bekræftet: Samsung Galaxy S IV præsenteres den 14. marts

Huawei præsenterede sidste søndag en af de telefoner, som fik mest opmærksomhed under årets Mobile World Congress. De gjorde nemlig Ascend P2 officiel.

 - Huawei Ascend P2 verdens hurtigste smartphone

Du kan se nærmere på og alle nyhederne fra Mobile World Congress her.

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Belgarion 04-03-2013 12:13:12

Nokia the most mentioned brand at MWC 2013, Lumia a bigger brand than Windows Phone.

It seems Nokia is rapidly Samsunging Windows Phone, with the vendor dominating the mobile OS to such an extent that the OS will soon become relatively irrelevant.

Media company Lissted did some analytics on the chatter on twitter during the 5 days of Mobile World Congress, looking at 7,260 tweets by 619 journalists, bloggers and analysts and 419 media outlet accounts tracked by Lissted that mentioned “MWC”, “MWC13”, “MWC2013” or “Mobile World Congress” during the week prior to the show and during the show itself (00.00 GMT-18/2/13 to 11.36 GMT-28/2/13).

The analysis found Nokia with its Lumia handsets virtually dominated coverage of the show, being ahead even of Samsung (who was not present at the event) and showed Nokia it can generate journalist excitement even with its low-end offerings.

This is of course good news and bodes well for the potential success of these handsets.

Less good news for Microsoft is that while Lumia clocked in at position 9, Windows only managed position 13, and Microsoft itself 50, showing a separation has occurred between the two brands.

Less one think this was only a MWC phenomena, a look at Google Search Trends show the Lumia brand quickly overtook Windows Phone, and that the search volume between the two has just separated more and more in time.

In many ways this is hardly surprising, with Microsoft doing much less promoting for Windows Phone than Nokia has for its Lumia brand. It should however be a warning for Microsoft – Buyers are not picking up Lumias because they run Windows Phone, and were it nor for Nokia’s rather precarious financial position Nokia could as easily release an Android Lumia and buyers may not even blink.

See the full list of after the break.

Top 50 companies, products and technologies by mention

1 Nokia

2 Samsung

3 Android

4 LG

5 Firefox

6 Asus

7 Galaxy

8 Huawei

9 Lumia

10 ZTE

11 Optimus

12 Sony
13 Windows

14 Ascend

15 Mozilla

16 Padfone

17 Xperia

18 Fonepad

19 Intel

20 HP

21 Google

22 Alcatel


24 Apple

25 Ericsson
26 Grand Memo

27 Lenovo

28 HTC

29 Slate

30 Qualcomm

31 Ford

32 One Touch

33 Facebook

34 Ubuntu

35 iPad

36 Acer
37 Mastercard

38 Blackberry

39 iOS

40 iPhone

41 Open (ZTE)

42 Telefonica

43 Tizen

44 Spotify

45 Tegra

46 Visa

47 Nvidia

48 Snapdragon

49 Orange

50 Microsoft

0 0

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